Tyler Buck | Marketing Director

Originally from O'Fallon, Missouri, Buck has always had a passion for man's best friend and video games. His obsession with suits coupled with his natural leadership instinct fueled his DECA career, where he first learned that he enjoyed being a leader and helping others tap into their own love for business. Buck quickly became President of his DECA chapter and looking for an outlet for his competitive drive, he also secured a state championship in DECA competition. After high school, Buck studied at the University of Missouri - St. Louis where he graduated with a Business administration degree with an emphasis in Supply Chain  Management and Operations logistics as well as a minor in transportation. Not long after earning this degree, Buck decided to build Veracity Sales Pillars. He believed this was the best fit for him to utilize not only his competitive drive, but also his desire to impact people's lives. He has been able to demonstrate his skills across multiple campaigns and created exponential growth within his team and clients. Outside of the office you can catch Buck in his wood workshop, in the kitchen, or enjoying a nice fire along side his wife and daughter, at the smokeless fire pit that he built himself. 

Kaydin Greenwell | HR Director

Straight out of small town Bardstown, Kentucky, Kaydin has always had an innate love for creativity and knowledge. With her love of theatre and passion for singing, she spent her younger teenage years in choir and acting as lead roles in local productions. Volunteering at animal shelters in her hometown, Kaydin has always bridged connections with anything and everything furry and four legged. Graduating from high school at the age of 15, Kaydin plans to continue her education through University of Colorado to eventually get her doctorate in psychology. Being part of a bigger picture, she works alongside Tyler Buck towards the common goal of growing and expanding the company and providing the amazing chance that they’ve been given to others. Upon taking this career path with VSP she realized quickly that she'd found a sense of accomplishment and opportunities that were unmeasurable. She found not only a wonderful team to grow and work beside, but a warm welcome to an entirely new family of her own. You can find Kaydin spending time with her family and friends, cuddling with her kitten Thursday, or more often with her nose in between the pages of a book. 

Colton Stallard | Partner

Born and raised in Lawrence Kansas, Colton has always had a passion for learning and the outdoors. Colton always filled his time volunteering his time at various organizations in high school. He began volunteering at Camp Barnabas, a camp for people with special needs, and found the experience transformative. Throughout the years he began to become more involved with the organization and work his way up ,until he was on Men’s Leadership. There he led the camp and learned the value of servant leadership and team empowerment. Colton believes that everybody should feel important, because they simply are...he is fueled by his vision of helping people see their intrinsic value which motivates him to wake up every day with a sense of urgency. Colton proceeded to graduate from Baker University with a degree in Molecular Biology with minors in mathematics and chemistry. Colton thought he wanted to pursue medicine, but when he fell in love with his fiancé life took him elsewhere. He packed his bags and moved to Saint Louis on October 20, 2019 to be closer to her. When Colton started working for VSP he quickly saw the incredible opportunity and decided to build a career along side Tyler. You can find Colton enjoying coffee, reading fanatically, chatting with friends and family. You can also find both Colton and Tyler in an ongoing ping pong tournament between the two.