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Tyler Buck | Market Director

Originally from O'Fallon, Missouri, Buck has always had a passion for man's best friend and video games. His obsession with suits coupled with his natural leadership instinct fueled his DECA career, where he first learned that he enjoyed being a leader and helping others tap into their own love for business. Buck quickly became President of his DECA chapter and looking for an outlet for his competitive drive, he also secured a state championship in DECA competition. After high school, Buck studied at the University of Missouri - St. Louis where he graduated with a Business administration degree with an emphasis in Supply Chain  Management and Operations logistics, as well as a minor in transportation. Not long after earning this degree, Buck decided to build Veracity Sales Pillars. He believed this was the best fit for him to utilize not only his competitive drive, but also his desire to impact people's lives. He has been able to demonstrate his skills across multiple campaigns and created exponential growth within his team and clients. Outside of the office you can catch Buck in his custom built home gym, his wood workshop, in the kitchen, or enjoying a nice fire along side his wife and daughters, at the smokeless fire pit that he built himself. 


Dan Hoer | Sales Leader

Dan Hoer is a visionary leader and one of the driving forces behind our company's success. He brings a unique blend of passion, expertise, and determination to our organization. Hailing from the vibrant city of Mexico, MO, Dan's journey began with humble roots, instilled with the values of hard work, determination, and a profound appreciation for agriculture. Dan's deep-rooted connection to agriculture can be traced back to his childhood, where he was inspired by his father's dedication to the farming industry. This profound influence led him to join the esteemed "Future Farmers of America" during his high school years, where he honed essential leadership and teamwork skills on top of his development from football, track, and basketball. Fueled by a desire to contribute to the agricultural sector, Dan pursued higher education at the prestigious University of Missouri (Mizzou). There, he obtained his degree and further enriched his knowledge, preparing him for a transformative career ahead. Dan Hoer's career has been marked by a series of milestones, always aiming for growth and innovation. He has held various leadership positions, leveraging his expertise and commitment to drive success in the organizations he has served. In a bid to make a substantial impact on the industry, Dan started at our company in 2022. Under his exceptional leadership, our clients have experienced unprecedented growth. His energy and optimism have not only boosted our company's production but also set new industry standards. Outside the office, Dan is an individual with diverse interests. He finds solace in embarking on road trips, where he explores new destinations and gains inspiration from different cultures. As an aficionado of fine taste, he enjoys bourbon tastings, appreciating the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating exceptional spirits. Not one to shy away from nature, Dan takes pleasure in tending to his plants, finding gratification in nurturing green life. Furthermore, his iconic mustache has become a reflection of his charismatic persona, and he dedicates time to impeccably grooming it.

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