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Our objective at Veracity Sales Pillars is to continue expansion for our clientele throughout our community by being veracious in every action. We have been the key component for new customer acquisition for our clients, causing three market expansions in the last year alone! We know that continuing to develop our company culture and continuing to sharpen our face to face acquisition skills is the only guaranteed way to always increase how valuable we are for current and future clients. 


Here at VSP we have been the number one source of new customer acquisition for clients in America going on three years now. We have won many awards for our success in this area, but our proudest accomplishment has been winning the Promise Keeper Award! This award is so close to our hearts because it is given out based on how well we come through for our clients and our employees. We know if we continue to have a culture where our employees excel as professionals and individuals we, as a company, will continue to grow and wow our clients.



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